Black Greek Letter Organizations and Christianity

Are there any readers out there that have joined a Black Greek Letter Organization and have or thinking about denouncing your membership?

Have you felt any type of conviction in the Initiation Process, Oaths, or anything associated with your having to join these organizations?

Could you please leave your personal testimony and explain why you feel that you no longer needed to continue as a member?

Do you feel that anyone can still be labeled a Christian and a member of a Sorority or Fraternity as well?

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  1. Sis Keya
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 09:38:59

    There is a website where there are some testimonies already posted. Feel free to visit, read and be enlightened.


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  • RT @Spurgeon_: We shall never bring many to the Savior until we first feel overjoyed at the thought of bringing one - Spurgeon 1 month ago
  • But always remain humble in it all and take your cares before the Lord each night. Drop those burdens off like a #FedEx package! #delivery 1 month ago
  • God will allow ones you really care for and love to leave, but Oh when those replacements come!! #Upgrade #NewandImproved 1 month ago
  • Trust me. You have nothing to prove. If you are not liked, you really won't be liked when one sees the Hand of God in ypur life. #truestory 1 month ago
  • That's why its a personal relationship. In a personal relationship the only person who knows the intimate details are you and tgat person. 1 month ago
  • So again, get your eyes and thoughts off people who don't edify you. If you know ypu have been changed by Christ, hold on to what He did 4 u 1 month ago
  • These are the reason why God blesses because you have sought first the Kingdom nd His righteousness. Righteousness: what God deems right 1 month ago
  • You are on this Earth for the main reason of giving God Glory and being obedient to Him 1 month ago
  • That is one reason why we are to store treasures in heaven. Even though it hurts to be outcasted by other believers, your goal is Christ! 1 month ago
  • Understand that some people are being used by the enemy to make you seem as if you are not worthy for the Kingdom of God. #thedevilisalie 1 month ago
  • I want you to know that you are valuable to the Kingdom of God, as Paul was. Continue to press toward mark! 1 month ago
  • Even other believers have planted seeds of discord about you so that others will not see you as "a new creation in Christ". 1 month ago
  • Even though your lives have changed, people still look at you as if you still live in your past. They just won't let ypu make it. 1 month ago
  • Some of ypu have that experience when Paul was still being seen as an outcast by the Saints in that day. 1 month ago
  • Most of us think we are going through it, but its nothing compared to Bro. Paul. Being shipwrecked, jailed, beat to almost to death! 1 month ago
  • God gave me knowledge to teach a series on the book of Acts in Sunday School 1 month ago
  • My fave Bible book is Acts! I've read it soo many times. Its a Book of Action 1 month ago
  • So I see #Bible is trending right now 1 month ago
  • Having family time with my boys. Watching #Hook #oldschoolmoviesarebetter 1 month ago
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