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New Look 6446…The Summer Jumpsuit

Hey Ya’ll My birthday is coming up and I know that I wanted to make something new and stylish…with little to no effort. Yes, I  know that it sounds bad.. I went looking for a pattern and came up with this New Look pattern for a jumpsuit. I think that the finished look for the… Continue reading New Look 6446…The Summer Jumpsuit

Do-It-Yourself · Titus the making

Retro Butterick B6318

Hey Ya’ll   So I decided to bless you guys with another dress that I made a few months back. I believe that I made this dress in May for Mother’s Day. This pattern is very special to me, because it was given to me by a very special lady via Facebook, Ms Lisa. It was… Continue reading Retro Butterick B6318

Do-It-Yourself · Titus the making

Maxi Dress: Simplicity 0565/1355

Hey Ya’ll! I want to share with you a quick and easy dress pattern that will make your summer wardrobe pop! I had to leave for an impromptu trip on Thursday, and sewed it in one evening. And that was great for me considering that I paused several times in order to see about the… Continue reading Maxi Dress: Simplicity 0565/1355

The Mind Of Christ

Don’t Give Up

Hey Y’all! Today I want to share an oldie, but goodie. I have not and will never be silent about  my faith in Christ. I would like to share a video that I placed on my Youtube channel last year. I hope that it encourages you to keep going no matter the circumstances. Be Blessed.… Continue reading Don’t Give Up


Denim and Lace..How I made my vision come to Life

Hey Ya’ll! So, I saw this beautiful denim dress that was floating around social media. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and attempt to make it. I thought that this was so classy and elegant, but I still want to put my own personal touch to it. That’s the beauty of being… Continue reading Denim and Lace..How I made my vision come to Life