Homeschool Resources: Hooked On Phonics Reading Program

Hey Yall, I wanted to give a quick summary of a few of the resources that I use as a homechooling mom. I know that one of the first questions that I am always asked is: What curriculum do you use? I am happy to answer that question with the next series of upcoming posts! … Continue reading Homeschool Resources: Hooked On Phonics Reading Program


Wife Talk: Loving Your Husband

Hey Yall I was up late one night searching for a certain movie that has frequently crossed my timeline on social media. As my husband readied himself for bed, I told him I would stay up a little while longer to watch. At 10 pm, he sent a text message telling me that it was … Continue reading Wife Talk: Loving Your Husband


Day and Night Dress Challenge Reveal

Hey Y'all, Today I finally get to reveal the dresses that I have made for the Day and Night Dress Challenge! Kudos to Elizabeth for kicking off the new year with a great start for the sewing community! If your memory needs to be refreshed, here are the challenge rules: THE CHALLENGE: Day The challenge … Continue reading Day and Night Dress Challenge Reveal

Update: Simplicity Pattern Company Issues Statement

Hey Y'all, I wanted to update all on the PR fail that recently occurred with Simplicity Pattern Company. A statement has been issued: In my previous post I made the following statement: "I understand completely what they were TRYING to do, and yes, we all make mistakes. The considerate thing to have done was to … Continue reading Update: Simplicity Pattern Company Issues Statement


Simplicity Pattern Promo Fail💔

Hey Y'all, I hope that your weekend has went well considering the chaos from the weather. Today, I want to speak on a storm that has begun on social media. It all started with a simple picture. Simplicity Pattern company released a picture on Friday, January 6, 2014 in order to promote its vintage patterns. … Continue reading Simplicity Pattern Promo Fail💔


Messy bun Hat, Anyone?

Hey Y'all, It's a new year and I hope that you are expecting the best! So after classes with the boys today, I had a little time for myself. I decided to crochet another hat and look for buttons to go with them. I had a pattern already printed, but I wanted to.try something a … Continue reading Messy bun Hat, Anyone?