Weight Loss inspiration: Made to Crave

Hey Yall, So we are still on this weight loss journey. I hope you all are still hanging in there and staying focused. I have some inspiration for us today. I was in the library recently searching for a book by Lysa Terkeurst entitled Uninvited, but the only thing or library had was Made to … Continue reading Weight Loss inspiration: Made to Crave


Sewing Q & A Tag!

Its time to have some fun, and start a sewing tag!!!! I'm answering 15 questions in this video, so go ahead and click the link to watch!! Be sure to Like Comment and Subscribe to my channel!! I was tagged by my Sew Sis, Britt JJ of , and she tagged me and … Continue reading Sewing Q & A Tag!

Do You Realize How Prevalent Racism Is?

In lieu of the events that are happening around the world at this time, I wanted to reblog this post. I want to know what my readers think about the events that are happening.
I also want to make this disclaimer: I believe anything that is pushed by mainstream media has an agenda behind it. We know that there are many injustices happening around the world. I am well aware that these events didn’t JUST START happening. I am well aware of that “everyone doesn’t think this way”. I just want us all to be made aware that innocent people of all colors are being targeted each day and what are we prepared to do?

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

Below is my cousin’s story of encountering racism as the mother of a biracial son. Overseas we experienced racism as people thought we were Muslim (because we dressed modestly and had lots of children). We couldn’t get help at government offices or even at the hospital. Hotels were “full.” We were spat at, and people avoided eye contact with us. Of course, we could change their attitude towards us in a second by letting them know we were American. I was glad for the experience because it gave me a glimpse of what our friends endured constantly as Roma, the discriminated-against Gypsy population, but we knew we could never really experience what they experience, living as unwanted by society, day in and day out.

The thing is, everyone is racist in their own way. No matter how much you are determined not to be. Our culture teaches it to us…

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Titus 2,Lesson 3: Women Love Your Children

Hey Yall! Here is yet another Titus 2 Bible Study. I am writing these lesson plans in order to help those who may not have someone near to provide wisdom. As long as it can help one woman, I believe that God is pleased. Please understand that there are so many things that could have … Continue reading Titus 2,Lesson 3: Women Love Your Children


Titus 2, Lesson 2: Women Love Your Husbands

Hey Yall! Praise the Lord for the responses from the post announcing this Bible Study. I pray that each time a new lesson comes forth that we learn from it and apply it to our lives. Last week, we discussed the aged women.  We learned that we either are inspiring to be one or pray … Continue reading Titus 2, Lesson 2: Women Love Your Husbands


Fall Pattern Haul and Pattern Giveaway

Hey Yall Fall is basically here and you know we have to find just the right pattern to get our wardrobes ready! In this video, I give you the patterns and fabric that I would like to work with! If you would like to see any tutorials on the patterns mentioned in the video, just … Continue reading Fall Pattern Haul and Pattern Giveaway