I Was Chosen: Newk’s Tasting Panel

Hey Y'all, I wanted to share this new video I posted on YouTube. It gives my first experience as a.... wait for it... TASTE TESTER!!! How exciting is that! So please watch and enjoy. Have you ever done anything like it before? Leave a comment below and tell about it.


I Have a Sewing Room!

Hey Y'all I hope all is well with each of you! I posted this pic yesterday on IG and I asked if anyone could guess why I was smiling. And I'm here to tell you why. I finally have a sewing room! (Insert run and faint here). I am too excited. I've moved from the … Continue reading I Have a Sewing Room!



Hey Yall Now i have been down a little bit the past few weeks due to a flu and recovery. Now I am able to get back to my regular schedule. I want to first say that I hope that your weekend was comforting. Its no fun being sick... A week ago, I mentioned that … Continue reading DIY: #CAPESLAY2016


Titus 2…Speaking the Word

Hey Y'all, I hope that your weekend is going well. I've had a pretty busy weekend. I had 2 back to back speaking engagements and getting my home together for company. The first engagement was Girls Night Out with God. If you've seen any of my Titus 2 videos on YouTube, you should pretty much have … Continue reading Titus 2…Speaking the Word