Controversial Jesus of Nazareth Movie


Here we go with another strike at Christianity! Take a deep breath….and here it is folks!

A man by the name of Paul Verhoeven has decided that he would conjure up a picture film based on the life of no other than…..Jesus Christ. As we all know, there are different versions of what you think a typical Christian would be or how they should actually represent Christ. There are hundreds of denominations that are founded on what the so-called ‘Founder’ of the denomination actually believes. I gave that introduction in order to give the a firm foundation for my next statement.

Paul Verhoeven’s future film, which has already gained financial backing, is saying Jesus was actually conceived due to his mother, Mary, being raped by a Roman soldier!!

I can’t believe the abominations that are allowed to go on in the name of Jesus Christ! These people have used the name of Jesus over and over again in mockery!

I am in total disgust and pray that this film is not completed, and people use their money for more useful purposes as feeding the homeless or donating to schools in underprivileged neighborhoods.

To view the story in its entirety, go here.

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