Craft #1: Placemat Notebook Cases

Hey Ya’ll!

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for visiting. I thought about letting you in a little more in my life by showing you a few crafts that come to mind. The craft is very simple to make and can be given out as gifts to family, friends, and coworkes! Its even a plus if you have your very on monogram machine (I’m working on getting my husband to buy me one!)

Placemat Notebook Cases

Things You Will Need:

1. Cloth Placemats (Should be $1 at your local dollar store)

2.Sewing Machine OR Needle

3. Thread

4. Velcro

5. Notebook and Pen!


Step 1 : Fold the cloth placemat about 1/3 from the bottom.


Step 2: Fold the placemat in 1/3’s. This is where you will sew your “pocket holders” for your case.



Step 3: In the second fold, you will not sew at the crease, but maybe a finger-width over so that this will be your pen pocket.


*Make sure that a pen or any writing utensil can fit in the pocket that you made for it. If not, take your seam ripper, rip out the threading, and simply start over!*


Step 4: Next, you either hand stitch or machine sew the pieces of velcro onto your case. One piece will be on the inside of the first fold for your case, the other piece will be located on the outside of the case.



Here I am ready to use my new notebook case!


Here is a picture of the finished product! I hope you enjoy your new notebook holder. It can even double as a small clutch ladies.

1363372024898 1363372022042 1363372004863 1363371999280

No, I didn’t add much on the outside of mine, but I would love if you would submit photos so that I can see how creative you are with your very own notebook holder.




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