No More Fear, The Circle Skirt is Here

Hey Ya’ll!


Have you ever had a fear to sew something?

My fear wasn’t a zipper, or hemming, it was the dreaded circle skirt. I cant really explain it. Its as if every time i saw the skirt, my mind saw Einstein at the chalkboard with so many measurements and math formulas. LOL!

Well I got over that fear recently with a great tutorial by a fellow seamstress, Eryn Shields of StyleSewMe! She made it SEW SIMPLE (LOL! CUTE, RIGHT?) Here is the tutorial that I followed: (all rights are to StyleSewMe)


Anywho, I believe I did a great job for my first time. Her tutorial was so simple that I actually made 2 skirts that same day. Now one thing I would change….I am a little more blessed in the back and I only had like a few inches difference from the front of my skirt to the back. So, what would’ve been a hi-low skirt, actually became a normal circle skirt… Its all good though! Thank you all for stopping by!

Circle Skirt Using Tutorial by StyleSewMe
Circle Skirt and Waterfall Cardigan :DIY, Boots: Belk’s





2 thoughts on “No More Fear, The Circle Skirt is Here

  1. Oh my gosh! I am rowing the same boat! Lol I have made a circle skirt for my daughter and it came out fabulous, but I don’t know what happens when it comes to the adult version for me. 😂 Love your skirt. I will have to check out that tutorial.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! This tutorial was really simple and to the point. Eryn gets straight to the point and that’s what I look for! I would love to see the finished product!

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