New Year, New Ventures


Happy New Year Ya’ll


I know that I am behind a week, but please forgive me.

I am not one to make New Year’s Resolutions (never have been), but there are goals that I would like to complete by the year’s end. This last year, I decided to perfect my crafts of sewing and crocheting. I was consistent and it literally paid off.

I began to post my work on social media sites and the demand for my products began to grow. I thought of it as an opportunity for one thing….more Oreo Blasts from Sonics (no whip cream). I know that some look at me funny at this statement, but it is true. Who knew that my hunger for ice cream would take me this far?

As the demand grew, my husband and I discussed how serious we were about this. After all, I quit my teaching career to become a homeschooling housewife! So why, after all of that, am I working again? Its a passion I have. It brings balance. There is a great monetary benefit, but it is still at the level that it can be controlled and I still have time to go about my daily activities without missing a beat.

I can truly say that Jesus Christ has answered my prayers about blessing the works of my hands. It confirms it when my husband tells me that he does see me when he reads about the beautiful woman mentioned in Proverbs 31!

so this year, I got a website started to sell my goods. Here are the pics and the links to buy if you are interested!

Image of Ebony Midi

But it Now! Ebony Print Midi

Image of Swirl Power Maxi Skirt

Buy It Now! Swirl Power Maxi


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