Black and White: Classic

Hey Y’all!

I promise you I have been very busy sewing for customers. I hadn’t taken the time to really post and I need to get back on it. Forgive me.

So, today I want to post about a new dress. I had a few dollars to splurge, so I decided to buy a dress. I would usually make one, but time didn’t allow this week.

20160228_085058-1As you see, I chose pink crystal jewelry to accent my total look.

20160228_08524620160228_08512720160228_08522520160228_085219I decided to pick a black and white piece. BLACK AND WHITE, in my opinion, is classic and will never go out of style.

I wanted to make McCalls 6886, which uses a knit fabric. I bought this dress to see how close-fitting the dress would actually fit to my frame. I’m not trying to show every curve. But I like this look and can see it going so many ways.

Well,  tell me what you think. And thanks for stopping by.  See you soon.






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