I’m in it, to LOSE IT!


Hey Yall!

I wanted to start a weight loss challenge,  and I’m inviting all of my followers to join with me.

I have been on this journey before, but I have not been consistent with my routines. The only difference THIS TIME is that I’ve made my mind up to actually follow through. I am doing it for myself and only myself.

I’ve seen so many women who were consistent, and I want to join in the ranks. You know,  I’ve seen the memes where it states: “A year from now, you will wish you didn’t quit.” Everytime I see that statement,  it hits me so hard. I start, go hard for a few weeks,  get discouraged and quit. ..

But enough is enough. I have no more time for excuses.  I CHOOSE to finish. Oh, and I don’t want any special diet wraps,  pills,  or teas…

I plan on working to lose this weight so that it stays off. I want to tone my body more.  The older I get,  the harder it is for the weight to fall off.

So what’s the plan?

Day 1 will begin September 1!            (Don’t we all love to start fresh at the beginning of a new month!)

I plan on giving updates of the meals I am consuming,  my exercise routines,  and my thoughts throughout the process.

The first weigh-in will be Thursday, September 15, 2016.

Feel free to join and we can must certainly motivate each other!

Are you in it to lose it?  I most certainly am!




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