Week 1 &2: Walk It Out Challenge

Hey Ya’ll!

If you’re reading this, then you have decided to join me in my personal weight loss challenge. Thank you for joining me! I hope that we can really stick with  our goals and see the results that we have been dreaming about.

First, and foremost I just want to put it out there that I am by no means a health expert. I actually researched a few things before deciding what tasks I would take on. Please make sure that you consult a physician before you begin any exercise routines/diets. We all want to ensure safety above anything else.

Got it?!

Realistically, we know that we can not expect any results in 1 month..so I decided to go for a 6 month challenge. (6 WHOLE MONTHS!!!) I really believe that our changes will be noticeable after 2 months, but we don’t want something to be slightly noticed, we want a CHANGE! (**insert FIST PUMP***) Research shows that in 2 months, weight loss is about 2 lbs/week. So this means that in 2 months we could lose up to 16 lbs! If that is true, in 6 months, we will lose between 24- 48 lbs!

Oh and before I forget, we want to make sure that we measure our bodies before we start. At times, the numbers can say one thing, but the inches are still melting away. We can melt away fat, and gain muscle! And we want our numbers to represent a healthy gain of muscle!

Okay, so now with the Walk It Out Challenge!

Our first 2 weeks are going to set the tone for the rest of the challenge. We are going to put our feet in motion. Walking is something that we all do everyday, but what we dont enough.

I am challenging you all to reach a total of 10,000 steps each day.

No pedometer to count your steps? Fine, you can download an app to your phone!

The app that I am using is called S Health. Its great. It tracks pretty much everything to help me stay accountable and on track. It counts my steps, water intake, food intake, and even my weight.

S Health App


As I was going through the app, I noticed that it had a tab labeled: Programs. I picked the one for Baby steps to 5K. I know that it seems a little extreme, but I like having goals and exceeding them.

We will check in again on Thursday, September 15 for our weigh-in/ measurements. I do plan on blogging on the 8th so that we can check on our progress.

Are you ready! Lets Walk It Out!


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