Let’s Sew- Sew Simple A1048 Sew-A-Long

Hey Ya’ll

I’ve always wanted to do a sew-a-long, and now it’s here!

Since I’ve helped my aunt with her sewing class, I thought a sew-a-long with my beginner seamstresses would be great. I chose a super duper easy pattern for us to start with, Sew Simple A1048. This pattern is only $0.97 and is sold at your local Walmart. It only has 3 pattern pieces as well.

Before we get started, I wanted to first discuss reading the pattern envelope and picking the size you need. So take a look at the video, and tell me what you think!


23 thoughts on “Let’s Sew- Sew Simple A1048 Sew-A-Long

      1. I actually did a search online, for local stores and it stated not available at any. In addition, I can’t even find it on the Sinplicity site, I think it maybe discontinued

        I’ll take a look anyway at my local store, you never know.

              1. Should the back piece be two pieces? I only have one piece. I had cut in the fold. Should I cut up the fold to make to pieces and then stitch for the U-shape? Pray for me, I’m feeling discouraged, I hate patterns

                1. Ok, this is great. I thought you made a bad mistake where there was no hope.😊 If you cut it on the fold, there is still hope! Just cut on the fold so that you now have your 2 pieces! It’s that easy. So no worries at all!. Dont get frustrated, just slow down and breathe!

                    1. You know what, next time, I will not so that step when I cut all the way around. I will just explain as I cut. I can’t assume anything when I’m teaching, and that’s what I did. The next video will be so much better in that area. Thanks for helping me learn add you learn.

                    2. Hi no problem it’s a first for both of us. You’ve challenge me to take the step and try a pattern.
                      My only suggestion is, well for us visual learners, do as you did with the first video, providing instructions on reading the pattern back.
                      Explain the highlight of the area to be cut, cut and then lay out the pattern. If possible try not to skip any steps, and show us how you attach. Hope you don’t my me bugging you lol.

                      I’ll work on my piece this afternoon and post what I’ve done. Thanks again.

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