Week 1: Walk It Out Challenge pt1

Hey Ya’ll

I wanted to check in to make sure that we are still going strong.

I know that we didn’t discuss any weight loss before/ after photos, but I think that they are a great idea. Before/ After pictures help to motivate you to keep working towards your goals. They also make a great visual for the small changes overtime.

Have you been getting your steps in? I know that it can get kinda hard but you have to push forward. We are now in a NO EXCUSE ZONE! We have no reason to give up. I have a few ideas that can make it a little easier for this week.


Instead of sitting while watching television, get up and walk through an episode or two.

Add a little music to get you going.

Call up a friend to join you!

Don’t try to achieve all of your steps at once. Walk in the mornings and again in the evening.

Watch YouTube videos of others exercising and walk along with them.


Please understand that this list in inexhaustible. They were just a few ideas to keep you motivated to get through this next week.


Dont forget to record your information into your tracker. It will most definitely help you stay focused.

How are you feeling from this first week? Are you still as motivated? Have you gotten used to your new routine? Research shows that it takes 3 weeks for something to become a habit, so lets not throw in the towel yet. If you skipped a day or didn’t meet a goal, you still have tomorrow.

Stay Focused.

Measurement and weigh in is next week!




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