Sewing Q & A Tag!

Its time to have some fun, and start a sewing tag!!!! I’m answering 15 questions in this video, so go ahead and click the link to watch!! Be sure to Like Comment and Subscribe to my channel!!

I was tagged by my Sew Sis, Britt JJ of , and she tagged me and Judith Dee of Judith Dee’s World. It’s  a sewing tag so of course I tagged one of my sew sisters to keep it going!! Vatsla Watkins of Fashion Behind the Seams, you have been tagged first! Can’t wait to see your video!!
1.How long have you been sewing?
2.Who taught you to sew?
3.Your first social media sewing influencer?
4.What your favorite clothing to sew?
5.Favorite fabrics: Knits or Woven
6.Do you have a sewing studio?
7.What machines do you have?
8.Your #1 favorite sewing tool?
9.Where do you get your sewing inspiration?
10.Whats your favorite piece that you’ve created?
11.Whats your worst piece that you’ve created?
12.Do you sew to sell?
13.What are you future sewing business plans?
14.Your top 3 favorite sewing blogs?
15.Patterns or Self-drafted?


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