I’m a LOSER!

Hey Y’all

Its Thursday and time for another update!

I am happy to tell you guys that I am steady losing weight!

I’ve made it a habit to eat right. Eating right is expensive but its worth it. I also fast, for religious reasons.  At times, I have terrible cravings for sweets, but I choose fruit instead. I LOVE CRISPY red apples. I almost ate a whole bag myself. LOL. I also like yogurt covered almonds that are offered by Simple Truth. Oh my, those are delicious. And its an energy booster.


Starting Weight: 165 lbs

Current Weight:155 lbs( Its a little off, like 155.5)

Target Weight: 145 lbs

Last week, I was 159 lbs! So I have lost 4 lbs since last week. I hope to continue on with my weight loss. I know that I can do it. All you have to do is stay active.

Are y’all staying focused? Let me know!




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