Titus 2…Speaking the Word

Hey Y’all,

I hope that your weekend is going well. I’ve had a pretty busy weekend. I had 2 back to back speaking engagements and getting my home together for company.

The first engagement was Girls Night Out with God. If you’ve seen any of my Titus 2 videos on YouTube, you should pretty much have an idea of what it is. It is a ministry that my cousin began in order to get women together to upbuild one another. We come, share our testimonies and edify each other with the Word of God. Sorry men, its all women.

I spoke on the Titus 2/Proverbs 31 woman. The meeting went so well. As always, afterwards, we stood around and talked until 10pm. I mean, we are women, what do you expect when we truly enjoy each other’s company.

One thing that I love about this ministry is that it proves that women can come together on a positive note. We don’t have to be catty towards one another or tear one another down. We don’t have to be jealous or insecure due to another’s blessing. Every time we meet, we begin and end with praising God.



The next engagement was at my church, THE VERY NEXT DAY,and guess what…. I taught on the same thing. I was asked to come before the young women and teach practical things on how to be a helpmeet by saving money for the household.

I simply gave my testimony of pressing towards the mark of becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. I taught them a little of sewing and crocheting. Of course, I couldn’t teach a whole class, but I simply taught how to sew on a button with thread and needle. I taught how to start a magic circle in crocheting. I gave just enough to pique their interest. I also had a display of work that I’ve done, in both crochet and sewing.

I prayerfully hope that we will be able to begin classes for those who are interested. I already have a full schedule ahead of me for the next year. I am looking forward to what God is going to do.




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