Too Slouchy or Not Too Slouchy….That is the Question

Hey Y’all

So I’ve been recovering from the flu and it’s effect for over a month  now. Since I really didn’t have the energy to sew, I picked up my crochet hooks, my yarn, and I got busy.

As with any crafter, when you finally decide that you want to use your beautiful supplies, you don’t want to waste it on a blah kinda project. I know I wanted a hat, and it had to be slouchy. I feel that slouchy hats are just right for bad hair days. It doesn’t matter how your hair is misbehaving underneath because you’re still cute on the surface.

I did what any crafter would do, I Googled: free slouchy crochet hat patterns.  I found one that was just right,and saw that the pattern was free on! The pattern can be found Here. It’s called Urban Jungle, written by Vickie Howell, and you can also download the PDF for free.

I hope that you enjoy the pattern and tell me how it works out  for you. I just ran to my Walmart and grabbed Red Heart Super Saver ,#4 worsted weight yarn for this project. I believe that this color is Oatmeal. It took a few days for me to finish. Please keep in mind I was ill, and my body simply wanted to rest.  I do believe that you can do this in 3 hours at least.

That’s it for now.  If you don’t mind,please go to my Survey Says post and fill out the survey so that I may make this site now enjoyable for you. ❤




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