The Little Red Dress Project

Hey Yall!

So guess what time it is?!?!?!


The idea for the Little Red Dress came about from Renata of RunningNStyle. There are so many wonderful ladies that are involved in this project. If you want to take a peak at who we are visit Renata’s page HERE.

Now for my reveal! I chose McCalls 6886 for my Little Red Dress pattern. I modified it a bit with the sleeves because I love PEPLUM! I kinda went over my head with a few things and it almost fell apart, but it did finally come together..WHEW!!! When I say those sleeves gave me the business. I made the peplum too long, and figured it out AFTER I ADDED THE HORSEHAIR BRAID IN THE SMALLEST STITCH EVER…. so I just left it as is and will lengthen later…


The Youtube Video of the reveal is HERE!

Setting the sleeves…M6886 (McCalls)
Adding the Peplum (self-drafted, and they were too long)
Adding horsehair braid to the sleeve!
Little Red Dress!
Little Red Dress
Jewelry from Papazzi Jewelry, Kantrina Brown-Barker

The only thing that I dislike is that I made the peplum too long. I will shorten it late. Thank you all for stopping by.






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