Sewing Bucket List-2017

**This project was inspired by Vatsla of Fashion Behind the Seams. I read her blog, and thought I would do my own.**


My Sewing Bucket List is a list of techniques that I would like to master and projects to complete in 2017. Click the link in order to see each finished project.

  1.  Make a quilt
  2.  Coat
  3. High-waisted Pants
  4. Ginger Jean
  5. Box Pleat Skirt
  6. White Button Down Blouse
  7. Flat front, elastic back Skirt
  8. Peplum Blazer
  9. Hi-Low Shirt
  10. Wrap Dress
  11. Swing Dress
  12. Tote Bag purse
  13. Cigarette Pant
  14. 3 Piece Set: Jacket, Skirt, Pant
  15. Cape Blazer
  16. Vintage Dress(es)
  17. Pussy Bow Blouse
  18. Ruffle Sleeve Sheath Dress
  19. Slouchy Tunic
  20. Bishop Sleeve Blouse
  21. Bishop Sleeve Dress
  22. Work with Lace
  23. Jumpsuits, Jumpsuits, Jumpsuits
  24. Topstitching
  25. Bias Binding
  26. Sew with Scraps
  27. Hemming Techniques
  28. Binding a Knit Neckline
  29. Handstitching Techniques
  30. Enter A Craft Show
  31. Make A Craft Show Vendor Apron
  32. More Youtube  tutorials

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