Messy bun Hat, Anyone?

Hey Y’all,

It’s a new year and I hope that you are expecting the best!

Searching for buttons

So after classes with the boys today, I had a little time for myself. I decided to crochet another hat and look for buttons to go with them.

I had a pattern already printed, but I wanted to.try something a little different. I decided to go with the Messy bun hat. I found a cute pattern HERE.

I did my hat a little differently by using 3 colors instead of 2.

The beginnings of my Messy Bun Hat! (Pictured:Row 6)
The finished product!

I really think that these are neat little hats. I see myself making more in different colors. I would even sell them.

Have you seen the Messy bun hats floating around on social media? What do yall think?


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