Update: Simplicity Pattern Company Issues Statement

Hey Y’all,

I wanted to update all on the PR fail that recently occurred with Simplicity Pattern Company.

A statement has been issued:

Statement issued from Simplicity 

In my previous post I made the following statement:

“I understand completely what they were TRYING to do, and yes, we all make mistakes. The considerate thing to have done was to issue a statement and apology for the picture and the message it sent to us, the consumers.”

I am glad that the mistake was acknowledged, and more plans of diversity are in the works.

A few of the comments that I saw under the post:


I agree with the statements that were made, especially the last one.

I think that once the plans are in place, it will satisfy all those who chose to stay and support their company.

Have a great day to you all.


2 thoughts on “Update: Simplicity Pattern Company Issues Statement

    1. I am glad it was also addressed. It might not have been exactly what everyone was expecting,but it’s here. The actions following the statement will tell all, and that’s what many are waiting on.

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