Wife Talk: Loving Your Husband


Hey Yall

I was up late one night searching for a certain movie that has frequently crossed my timeline on social media. As my husband readied himself for bed, I told him I would stay up a little while longer to watch. At 10 pm, he sent a text message telling me that it was time to go to sleep. In my house, we all get up every morning at 5:30 am. I rise early to fix breakfast for everyone, fix my husband’s lunch, and prepare for the school day. His text was just a reminder of the lack of enthusiasm that I express when I stay up too late.

I turned the television off and walked to the bedroom. My mind wandered to all the things that I would need to do the following day as I exited the living room. I walked into the bedroom and my eyes fell upon the outline of my husband’s body in the dark. He shifted slightly as he heard me come in and went back to sleep.

As I snuggled in beside him, this overwhelming feeling of love for him just came over me. I know that many of you, as wives, have also felt it. I just watched him sleep and it was as if it just dawned on me (again) how thankful I am to be his wife.

You see ladies, my husband works everyday. He has a mind to work. He is willing to provide for his family. I can truly say that even when he has a day off, he just can’t sit too long. He has to have his hands busy doing something around our home. All of these thoughts run through my mind as I listen to his relaxed breathing.

I then slowly wrapped my arms around him and just held him, as awkwardly as I could without waking him. It’s like I need to be closer to him. I smell his hair, I rub my nose on his face, and that’s when the tears begin to fall. I know that my husband is special. I know that he loves me, our children. I also know that he loves GOD. I don’t want to lose him, ever.

And that’s when I felt God speak into my spirit. The Spirit of God then reminded me that this is the love that Christ has towards me and those that are His. The exciting part, is that His love has a greater height and a deeper depth than my human mind could ever imagine.

By this time, the tears are really falling. I take my shirttail and I gently wipe my husband’s forehead before I drown him in my tears. Lol. It was then that he put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. I kissed him on the forehead and whispered, “I love you”.


He repeated it to me and again went back to sleep. I smiled. I smiled because I believed him. I smiled because it was only more confirmation of the love that our Father in Heaven has toward me and those who believe in His Son. I smiled because I have no doubts about my purpose and creation role as a wife. There is no greater role that a woman could have. I don’t care about fame. I don’t care if I never publish a book on the Top Seller List. I don’t care about having the newest car or the biggest house. I just want to continue to love and respect my husband. I just want to continue to nurture my children in a stable loving environment. I just want to go higher in the Lord by becoming more humble and a better servant. I just want to see the smile on my husband’s face when a meal is set before him. I just want to hear those sounds of appreciation at my dinner table when my children and husband ask for more. I am already at my peak. I cant go any higher than that.

It was then that I felt peace.

I felt security.

I felt love.


I also felt sleepy. It was 10:30 pm, and I was not happy, enthusiastic to get up the next morning.

See ya next time!


9 thoughts on “Wife Talk: Loving Your Husband

  1. This is beautiful. It is such a blessed feeling to have a husband. I treasure the moments we have together and look forward to him coming home from work every day. I know these feelings will never change and it is so lovely to feel this way. God has blessed you with a wonderful marriage 🙂

    1. Thank you. I praise God for my husband. And I see that you take great care of yours as well with those meals. ❤ Continue to keep a safe haven for your husband in your marriage. May your happiness increase.

  2. This is so beautiful!! I had a stupid smile on my face reading this article. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that all the love here on earth is nothing compared to the love our heavenly father has for us, greater still, to know that nothing can and will ever separate us from it.
    May your love continue to grow, and may God continually strengthen your marriage, God bless you and your family, have an awesome day!

    1. Thank you so much for the well wishes. I can truly say that it is all God. He truly made me into who I am and my husband to who he is! It’s an awesome thing to see God transform people in front of you. Blessings to you as well.

  3. Debbie

    Absolutely beautiful.. God will continue to bless your union so long as you remain faithful to his words. God bless you all. Xx

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