Homeschool Resources: Hooked On Phonics Reading Program

Hey Yall,

I wanted to give a quick summary of a few of the resources that I use as a homechooling mom. I know that one of the first questions that I am always asked is: What curriculum do you use?

I am happy to answer that question with the next series of upcoming posts! I want my readers to know that I was once a public school teacher. I worked in the public school system for almost 10 years. It was quite an experience. I loved it, but my heart always tugged on homeschooling my own. The years of being a public school teacher taught me that consistency and planning is KEY!

One day, my neighbor asked if I would do a few alterations for her, in exchange she would provide learning kits that I eyed at one of her garage sales. I knew that I couldn’t pass up that opportunity. The kits were brand new (still wrapped in plastic) and I remember that they were popular as a child.

The kit was Hooked on Phonics!


The Reading Power kit is a great tool in reading comprehension for my children. The kit contains an answer key, student work booklet, and cassette tapes (I told you it was old!).

The reading cards are numbered 1 – 100

The reading cards are numbered from 1- 100. Each card intensifies in the level of reading comprehension. It is recommended that each child starts at #1 so they are able to get used to the learning style that is presented.

Instruction Booklet that introduces you to the program.
Instruction Booklet
Front Cover of Answer Booklet
Answer Booklet

The Answer Booklet is a great tool. Its very easy to use. As you see, you merely look for the card that corresponds to the number your child has completed. It makes it easy to grade and explain to your child.

Student Answer Booklet Cover
Inside of Student Answer Booklet

If I had only one child, I might have used my student booklet. I chose not to use it. I have my children to just write their answers on paper. Its a plus because if I would like to sale this kit, it will add to the value!

Card #1 Cover

Each card is color-coded. It states if the story is fiction, nonfiction, etc.

Inside of Card #1
Comprehension Questions for Card #1
Back Cover of Card #1

The cards are pretty easy, right? It is great for those who are beginning to read as well. As previously stated, the cards do intensify as they increase in number. Now that we’ve taken a look at the simplicity of Card #1, let’s see the complexity of Card #100!



Front cover of card #100
Inside Cover, Card #100
Comprehension Questions
Back cover, Card# 100


Cassette Tapes

I think that this is a great reading program. I would recommend it to anyone for use in their homeschooling curriculum, after school programs or just for remediation.

I regret to tell you that I honestly don’t know if this program still exists. I would have to research the company. I mean, it did come with cassette tapes.

It has helped my boys tremendously in their learning and comprehension. I have them at times to read the stories aloud so that I may hear any mistakes they make. We discuss the vocabulary and context clues of words that they are unfamiliar with. It was well worth the alterations I did for my neighbor.

Until next time!




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