DIY Look & Big Announcement

Hey Y’all!

It’s summer, summer TIME! Summer was one of my favorite seasons as a child. Yes, we know that school is out, but it was a time of jumpers, shorts and cute dresses as well.

Today I want to share with you a look that I created JUST BY LOOKING AT THE PHOTO<—. Yes, I said it and you read it right. I merely looked at the photo, examined the pieces closely, and went forth. I was actually pretty nervous, because I also used a draft that I did from an article of clothing that I already owned.

I also want to share with you about the new Guest Blogging Tour that is scheduled for the next upcoming months! Read more details below.

Inspiration photo 1
The yellow dress was inspiration photo 2

So I began to piece my dress together. I wanted to wear it for my church anniversary, which this year fell on June 25. The bodice, as already mentioned, was created by measuring a shirt I already owned.

Inside out view of bodice with facing
Right side out with the facing, I will use a different method next time.
Clean cut Ruffles using a rotary blade

I used McCalls MP200 for that skirt portion of the dress. I thought it would be simpler than having to draft. It worked out well!

Dusty Rose One Arm Ruffle
Dusty Rose One Arm Ruffle


Dusty Rose One Arm Ruffle


I thought that it was time for the blog to have a new look, to have new ideas. I just want something different.

The idea came for me to bring Guest Bloggers to the blog. How exciting is that?!? I have some great bloggers that are being lined up at this very moment to bring new content and outlooks. We want to show them love, and make sure that you follow them. I cant wait for the first post. So please be on the lookout!


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