M6886 Pattern Hack Contest

Hey Y’all

I am one who loves sew-a-longs! I belong to several groups on Facebook that hosts sew-a-longs at least once a month. There is one group in particular which hosted one that I just knew I would participate in. The group, Sew Much Talent,  hosted a Mccalls 6886 pattern hack.

We, in the sewing world, know that 6886 is like the most versatile pattern ever, so the back would be no problem.

Well, I just knew I would make it by the deadline, but I didnt. <Insert sad face here> I looked back and saw that the deadline had been extended until July 5th. So,July 4th at 9 pm,I began the hack, finished, and waited for the results.

I used the bodice, but used Mccalls M7313/MP200 for the skirt. The sleeves, I drafted a circle skirt and eyeballed the pleats to my desire. After attaching the bodice to the skirt, I inserted elastic in the waist. I used stitch wizardry for the hem of my neckline, after I did a stay stitch.

Finished at 11pm!
Pleated, circle skirt sleeves
Elastic waist

Here I am modeling the finished product.

M6886 has been hacked!
The elastic waist helps to give a closer fit.
Next time, I will make sure my pleats all flow in the right direction, but I don’t think anyone noticed.😂

Oh, and I was 1 of 2 random winners💗


Thanks for stopping by💗


6 thoughts on “M6886 Pattern Hack Contest

  1. That’s amazing that you pulled this off in 2 hours! Congratulations on the win too! It’s always fun to get sewing prizes! The color is just lovely on you, and the pleats on the sleeve fall so nicely!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Yes, in just 2 hours! It was easy being that it was knit fabric i was working with. I was surprised that I won, and I can’t wait until I receive my shirt! Congrats to you on being a moderator!

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