About RobertsWife


Hey Ya’ll!

I am Je’Tua Amos! I am a Woman of GOD, wife, mother,seamstress, cleaner of dirty toilets and that space behind my children’s ears.

I want to encourage you on this journey called life. I want to always point you back to the Finished Work of Christ on the Cross.

I want you to use your hands skillfully. I want you to not only be inspired by my pieces, but to create your own as well. I want to hopefully have a closet full of my own pieces! I am working on it. Currently, I just have huge stashes of fabric….its gonna work out.

I am very selfish with hot wings and Oreos. My hair never acts right and I never have anything to wear. I am very opinionated and sarcastic might be a word that you can throw in as well. I am an educator who loves Inquiry Based Learning, thinking outside the box. I want a garden, but I hate the dirt that gets caught under my nails. I hate to get my feet wet. I love to read and sleep, a great combination ;o)

I believe in eating the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup from the inside out. I always open a small hole in my Skittles package. I love very soft Little Debbie Cakes. When life throws me lemons, I make my husband some MEAN Lemon Pies! He slapped his mom TWICE after eating them. *pats self on the back*

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17 thoughts on “About RobertsWife

  1. TammyP

    Try eating a frozen Snicker one corner at a time and then the bottom…. talk about scrumptious!! And, IBL demands critical thinking and mature debaters. Great blog; thanks for the invite.

    1. Hey Ms TammyP!
      Thank you for visiting RobertsWife!
      I hope that you enjoyed your visit. Thanks for the suggestion on the Snickers,, it will not go unnoticed! Please come back and visit with me again!

  2. Nicolas Monsigni


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  3. Michael

    I saw what you posted on “sarahmichellecanada’s” instagram.

    You wrote: “catholicism is a false religion that is ran by an antichrist leader-the pope”.

    I invite you to please look into this web sight. It will help you understand the TRUTH. The truth of what Catholicism actually is. It is the fullness of faith and truth for it is the church that Jesus Christ established to the Apostles 2,000 years ago, and that they kept the faith from generation to generation.

    I am telling you now, you have many misconceptions of the church. The Pope is NOT antichrist and the “religion” is not evil. Please look into the truth for yourself instead of spreading false assumptions. Do not listen to false pastors who just spread hate and lies without knowing the truth for themselves.

    http://www.Catholic.com (this is a web sight for Catholic Answers, that biblically proves Catholic doctrine. These Catholic evangelists will help you see the truth). I will pray that you leave the false doctrines of Protestantism and learn to love the real Jesus. God Bless You .

  4. Troy

    I saw a comment you left on twitter about Dr. Bryant. Godly women my spirit said. Many people will not stand on Gods word more or less make none their opinion. I found your to be very humble and true. Like the fact of you being self-employed. God first in all matters and I’m sure he will show thee favour. Jesus loves you Troy

    1. I know that this has almost been a year ago, and please forgive the lateness of this reply, BUT THANK YOU! It is a complete honor to know that MY HEAVENLY FATHER CAN RECEIVE THE GLORY and that I have been recognized as one of HIS! May the Grace of Jesus Christ and peace be multiplied unto you!

  5. Hi JeTua

    I am pleased to meet you, always happy to meet a fellow sewing enthusiast.

    Did your husband really? That must be some real mean lemons. XD

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