Crochet Tutorial: Phone Cozy for Beginners

Hey Y'all, I am excited to share with you a new tutorial for beginner crocheters. Beginners Crochet Project. You will learn the following techniques: 1. How to make a slipknot 2.How to make a foundation chain 3.How to Turn your work 4.Single Crochet Buttons purchased from: The Little Red Cottage on

Messy bun Hat, Anyone?

Hey Y'all, It's a new year and I hope that you are expecting the best! So after classes with the boys today, I had a little time for myself. I decided to crochet another hat and look for buttons to go with them. I had a pattern already printed, but I wanted to.try something a …

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Too Slouchy or Not Too Slouchy….That is the Question

Hey Y'all So I've been recovering from the flu and it's effect for over a month  now. Since I really didn't have the energy to sew, I picked up my crochet hooks, my yarn, and I got busy. As with any crafter, when you finally decide that you want to use your beautiful supplies, you …

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Titus 2…Speaking the Word

Hey Y'all, I hope that your weekend is going well. I've had a pretty busy weekend. I had 2 back to back speaking engagements and getting my home together for company. The first engagement was Girls Night Out with God. If you've seen any of my Titus 2 videos on YouTube, you should pretty much have …

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